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Testicular Implants
Testis has functional as well as aesthetic importance. Absence of testis gives lots of mental trauma to male. Testis is removed surgically (orchidectomy ) because of following reasons.

. Children and adult males with torsion of a testicle leading to gangrene.
. Following a traumatic injury to the testicles, leading to crushing or gangrene of testis
. Following testicular cancer.
. Men that have very small and/or deformed and/or a non-functioning testicle or testicles may choose to have a testicular implant.

After removal of testis, the silicone testicular implants can be put. The implants are made of silicone material and gives appearance of testis, and prevent man from mental trauma.

Description of the implant


Silicone, respectively gel implants are used. These are practically identical to the more commonly known breasts implants. Most of the producers create products with a real shape and feel. They are offered in about five sizes indicated in cm or cm3. The implants are usually equipped with a fixation loop to prevent a shift towards the inguinal canal (groin). Some producers make two types of surfaces - smooth and rough. The package is sterile, with the sterility indicated, and no preparations are needed. The products are naturally certified with an identification label for the implant carrier.
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