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Tendons are long strong connective tissue structures which looks like strings. Tendon connects muscle to bone. When muscle contract, the tendons are stretched and bone moves. That's how tendons are very important structures for movements of joints. If these are cut or injured movement is lost. We can categorise tendons in two main group. One is flexor tendons ,these causes flexion of joint, another group is extensor tendons ,these produces extension of joints. Tendons if cut can be repaired directly. if there is shortening of length of tendon then tendon graft is needed to bridge the gap. After repair of tendon immobilisation of joint is done for 4 to 6 weeks.
NERVE INJURY-Hand is innervated by three nerves.Ulnar nerve, median nerve and radial nerve.These nerves are responsible to carry sensations from different part of hand.These nerves are also responsible for motor function ( movement ) of various joints.If nerves is cut they can be repaired directly or if nere gap is present then nerve graft can be used.If nerve repair done in time,under ideal conditions then return of function takes place after nerve repair.
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