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Scar Revision
Healing is a natural process following any injury to skin is healed by nature . healing of body tissue always give scar. Scar is fibrous tissue bridging the normal tissue gap or skin. Colour and texture of scar may not match the near by skin, giving it a separate identity. These scars can be soft supple not ugly looking. Or scar can be..........

HYPERTROPHIC---Thick rope like and do not grow in normal skin, KELOID-Thick, rope like growing to involve normal skin. All types of scar can be treated. Surgery is not indicated in Keloids

KELOID-Type of scar, thick, rope like, growing in nature and involving normal skin. patients complains of pain, tender on touch, itching and pricking sensation. Common site are sternum, shoulder and sometimes on external ear. Keliod develop after injury or after surgery. Keloids are usually not operated. After surgery they become more aggressive.

HYPERTROPHIC SCAR----These scar are thick , itchy and develop after injury or after surgery. these do not grow in normal skin but grow in thickness. Tropical Steroid ointment, pressure garments, silicone sheet, Laser therapy can give good result. Surgical treatment is indicated in large resistant scars. Surgery is excision of scar . After excision if primary closure is not possible then grafting or skin flap are treatment of choice.

CONTRACTURE / CONTRACTING SCAR----Scar across joints contract, giving rise to contractures which reduces range of mobility of joints. Usually develop after burn injury. Multiple 'Z' plastie, or excision and skin grafting are treatments for contracting scars.

POST ACNE SCARS----Multiple depressed scars deveop after acne. These scars can be treated with Laser, Chemical peeling, and dermabrasion depending on severity of scars
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