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Microvascular Replant
Re-attachment of amputed body part is called as re-plantation. Amputed body parts like fingers, hand or any part of hand, upper limb or lower limb amputed at any level, can be replanted. Ear, scalp and even penis can be replanted. Many times segmental crushed part of limb can be excised and limb can be replanted accepting the resulted shortening.

Clean the amputed part with saline or water and put it in Plastic beg and tie it.
Put this beg in a bucket/another plastic beg/or any container.
Now put lot of ice in this container.
Inform to doctor and shift to patient.
It is better to take instructions from doctor and explain him in detail about details of amputation.

TIME---Ideally amputed part should reach within six hours to hospital. If amputed part is large like leg or upper limb try to reach earlier. If amputed part is small like fingers longer time can be accepted.

RISK----Under ideal circumstances risk is very less, but the risk factors are same as of any other surgical risk. If injuries are extensive risk increases.

SUCCESS OF REPLANTATION---. Success depends on level and type of amputation and time delay (Ischemia time).Sharp amputation in young individual has better out come then crushed or avulsion amputation in elderly patient.

BLOOD TRANSFUSION---Major limb replant may need blood transfusions.

RETURN OF FUNCTIONS----We can accept good functional results after replantation. Patients may need multiple revision surgeries, tendon transfer etc. Long term extensive physiotherapy is import prerequisite for better functional result.
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