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Entire face can be divided in three major part .Upper 1/3 that is forehead, part of cranium. middle 1/3 is nose, eyes and cheek. Lower 1/3 is lips and mandible. Face is composed of soft tissue (skin, muscle, vessels and nerves) and of hard part that is bone. Any trauma to face may lead to damage to soft tissue and or facial bones.
INJURY TO FACE -SOFT TISSUEThis may be most simple injury like abrasions or lacerated wounds or extensive trauma involving soft tissue and facial bones. Aim of treatment is To restore anatomical landmarks, facial symmetry, and dental occlusion . Basic management of management of facial wounds are
  Proper cleaning of wounds by saline and removal of all debris and foreign material.
  Salvage of each milimeter of viable tissue.
  Early repair of wounds taking all anatomical land marks in consideration.
  Dressing using tropical ointment and if necessary systemic antibiotics. Because of rich circulation facial wounds heels very well.
FACIAL BONE FRACTURESFace consist of Nasal bone, Zygoma, maxilla and mandible. We can diagnose facial bone fractures by clinical examination a X-ray and CT Scan. The fractures are fix by using mini steel or titanium plates and screws. If large bone defects are present primary or secondary bone grafting may be needed.
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