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Size, shape and colour of lip have a great role in aesthetic appearance and self esteem of person. Although there is racial and individual liking about size of lips. Thick bulbous outward lips are usually not appreciated in most of regions. Carving of lip as per liking of individual can be done

LIP REDUCTION-LIP PLASTY Thick bulbous hanging lips can be carved to thin lips. The procedure can be done as outdoor procedure under local anaesthesia. Wedge excision of thick lip is done with or without tightening of muscles of lip depending on individual liking. Lips are swollen after surgery which may persist for one two weeks. No needs of any dressing after surgery.
LIP AUGMENTATION Some individuals like more bulky and protruding lips. This can be done by injection of various derma fillers. Effect of these last for 3 to six months. This is done as outdoor procedure . Slight swelling and or redness may appear which last for a day or two.
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