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Laser for Hair Reduction
Usual methods of hair removal are Waxing, Tweezing, Shaving, Chemical depilatories, and Electrolysis. These all methods have one or another disadvantage. These are Time consuming, Painful, Slow, Messy and Quick re-growth.

But hair removal with laser is much more superior as compare to above all. Laser beam is absorbed by pigments of hair in the form of heat. This heat is transmitted to root of hair and hair follicle is destroyed. There are various types of laser and light source are being used these are Alexandrite @ 755 nm, Diode @ 800 nm, Optically Filtered Ruby @ 694 nm, Light Source, Long Pulse Nd:YAG @ 1064 nm.
Laser beam only destroy hair root in which hair growth is in anagen phase.At a given time all hair are not in anagen, that is why for hair removal multiple sittings are needed. It is important not to remove hair by waxing, threading, bleaching, or hair removal cream at least 3 weeks before laser treatment. The hair can be safely removed from any where from body with very minimum pain. Pain during hair removal is like a pinch for friction of seconds even if this much is not tolerable to particular patient then hair removal can be done using local anesthetic cream application. Black and thick hair responds very well as compare to thin brown hair. White hairs do not respond with Laser, as these do not contain pigment in them. The hair destruction is permanent but hair reduction may not be 100 %. Usually 70 to 90 % hair reduction takes place. The remaining hairs are usually thin, sparse, brown or white hair.

Patients with endocrinal disease, cancer, immune compromise and heart patient, should be treated with cautions. Same applies to females taking oral contraceptive pills. Before going to Laser treatment person shall ask all his or her quarries and shall tell everything about them. They must also ask and discuss about the type of Laser, make of machine and experience of laser surgeon.
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