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Introduction of Dr. Anil K. Garg
Dr.Anil Garg02,intro02, Rejuvenate, Dr.anil , k. garg Dr. Anil K. Garg passed his masters degree (MS) in General surgery and super specialisation (MCh) in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery from SMS, Jaipur. He visited to CGMH, Tepai, Taiwan to do fellowship in Microvascualr surgery under guidance of Dr.Fu Chen Wei and Dr.Hug Chi Chen. Then he did fellowship in Peripheral nerve surgery under Dr.Julia Terzis at Eastern Verginia Medical College, Norfolk, USA.

Since 1990 he is in the field of plastic surgery. During his journey he could touch many dimensions of Plastic surgery.
Dr. Anil K. Garg has done series of replantation including distal phalanx of thumb, replant of upper extremity at arm level, bilateral hand replant, wrist joint replant and a penile replant of 11 year boy. Free tissue transfer using micro vascular technique to correct large body defect is also done by him. He has done free vastus lateralis muscle, latissimus dorsi muscle,gracilis muscle and radial artery forearm flap, vascularise fibula transfer. He is also doing hand surgery, Maxillofacial, Cancer reconstruction, Vascular surgery including vascular by pass in peripheral vascular insufficiency. He has long series of cases of peripheral nerve repair and cable nerve grafts for the reconstruction of nerve defects. Reconstruction of large bed sore and long standing diabetic ulcer foot are done with great success. Dr. Garg has large series of cases of genitourinary reconstruction. Fracture penis, reconstruction of penis, construction of penis in case of aphalia, genitalia correction in hermaphrodite cases and reconstruction of vagina. All cosmetic surgery cases including liposuction, breast aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty, surgery for white spots, micro hair transplants (FUT) are other field of his interest.

Dr. Anil K. Garg is member of World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery which is most prestigious international organisation in the field of microsurgery. He is also life member of Indian society of Reconstructive microsurgery and Indian society of Plastic surgery.

He is using IPL and Nd-YAG lasers for facial rejuvenation, acne treatment, hair reduction, scar remoulding.
Dr. Anil K. Garg is attached to most prestigious international charitable organisation 'Smile Train' and operating poor patients of cleft lip and cleft palate free of cost.
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