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Introduction of Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery is specialised branch of surgery concerned with the repair of deformities and correction of functional defects. The term 'plastique' has been derived by Greek word "plastikos" meaning "fit for molding." So Plastic surgeon does ---

  Reconstruct structural defect.
  Restores the function of body part.
  Restores aesthetic appearance.

In India this surgery was started by Great Sushruta (circa 600 B.C.) He was first to reconstruct the cut nose .Procedure is known as Indian fore head flap. This technique is still being used.

Plastic surgery has two main divisions..
Reconstructive Surgery
To "Restore normal" This is done on abnormal body parts, caused by birth defect, trauma, infection, tumours or disease like diabetes. Aims of surgery to reconstruct body part and make them functional, and aesthetic in appearance.
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