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First let us know dr.anil garg plastic surgery, hair surgery, brest augmentation, indore Dr.Anil Garg passed his masters degree (MS) in General surgery and super specialisation (MCh) in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery from SMS, Jaipur, India. He visited to CGMH, Tepai, Taiwan to do fellowship in Micro vascular surgery under guidance of Dr.Fu Chen Wei and Dr.Hung Chi Chen. Then he did fellowship in Peripheral nerve surgery under Dr.Julia Terzis at Eastern Verginia Medical College, Norfolk, USA. Since 1990 he is in the field of plastic surgery. During his journey he touched many milestones of Plastic surgery.
Dr. Anil Garg has vast experience of Plastic and reconstructive surgery, micro vascular surgery including replants, free tissue transfer, peripheral nerve surgery. He has extensive experience of salvage of severely crushed limbs. He does maxillofacial surgery, cancer reconstruction, vascular surgery, hand surgery and all cosmetic surgery procedures. He has special interest in micro hair transplant. He is using NdYAG and IPL to treat aging face, hair reduction, scars. He does penis construction and sex change surgery. He is attached to most prestigious international charitable organisation ‘Smile Train’ and is operating poor patients of cleft lip and cleft palate free of cost.

Dr.Garg’s philosophy to treat a patient is “Nothing is impossible; it is you and you who can make it possible.” with scientific approach, motherly touch and spiritual feeling you can solve any problem. You put your 100% into it and at the end “all is well”.

Now let me take you to our Centre plastic surgery, hair surgery, brest augmentation, indore Dr.anil garg, plastic surgery, hair surgery, brest augmentation, indore
This centre is made with
intention to Rejuvenate
your Body, mind and
The Rejuvenate Centre is constructed in 4000 Sq feet area with a lush green garden. The tranquil, calm and serene environment itself will rejuvenate you. Away from the city’s everyday pollution and traffic, the Rejuvenate Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery centre is every bit a shelter to the distressed as a temple is to the devotees.
It presents to you a series of facilities to rejuvenate yourself to the utmost.
laser surgery machine The veil of unwanted hair and acne
The veil of unwanted hair and acne which covers your beauty can be readily lifted by this state of art, Laser Surgery.
To serve the purpose of preserving the beauty of God’s creations, we perform photo rejuvenation of face to fight against your aging problem.
Hair Transplant Unit
The Rejuvenate Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Centre also presents the most advanced and highly equipped hair transplant unit at your service.
hair transplant machine
plastic surgery: stereo-microscope machine Stereo Microscope
This unit has an imported stereo microscope (U.K.) for the dissection of hair follicles which easily increases the success of hair transplant up to 96%.
plastic surgery: digital hair analyzer Digital Hair Analyzer
Our patients are of prime importance to us and their problems do have the most important solutions here. Keeping in mind the weight of your stress, we evaluate your hair loss problem and the effect of medical treatment by the most advanced Digital Hair Analyzer.
Because what is beautiful should remain beautiful and the every day wear and tear caused by stress, tension and trauma should have no role in damaging your beauty, to rejuvenate your mind and soul, we have a peaceful hall for meditation, yoga and pranayam. We also organise a camp under the guidance of most learned, well trained, yoga guru to reach out to you in every possible way. Our motto is to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul together because the proper balance of all these elements only brings radiance and beauty to your life.
Our Chief and Director Dr. Anil Garg’s philosophy has always been ever so motivating and inspiring. He very rightly says that ones it comes to the human mind, the thought has its road out to the reality in the vehicle of body which is driven by the mind carrying a profoundness which comes from the soul. God has been kind enough to give every one proportions of the latter and also some surgeons who work for the rejuvenation of the same.

So if you feel like coming just give a ring, we are always here to rejuvenate you…….
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