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Facial Implants
Secrete of beauty involves presence of structures and their proportion to one another. If the size of one structure is smaller as compare to nearby structure then implants can improve proportion and profiles and correct imbalance caused by injury or hereditary traits. These implants are widely used in most of places of our body like face, breast, buttock, calf, testis, .Facial implants are used for augmentation of nose, chin, malar eminence (cheek bone). The implants are synthetic material which are bio compitable and are of many types. Most commonly used are silicone and porex implants.
Generally performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia with or without sedation; general anaesthesia may be recommended.
Procedural steps: Proper shape and size of implants are ordered, usually they reaches withing two days.
Surgery is usually done under local anasthesia or if larger implants are to be placed then general anasthesia can be given.. appropriately sized and shaped implants most commonly in the cheek, chin, jaw or nasal region. Incisions inside the mouth or discreetly placed external incisions create space in soft tissues for implant positioning and support. Usually antibiotic are given after surgery. Patient can be discharged on same day .Immediate results are noticeable. After placing implants swelling, or some redness can appear which subsides.
Facts about the safety and risks of facial implant surgery Before undergoing any implant surgery you should discuss with surgeon in details about risk and complications of implants surgery. Following complication are possible after implant surgery. Although incidence is very less
Unfavorable scarring, Bleeding, Infection ,Poor healing of incisions ,Change in skin sensation ,Firmness around the implant, migration of implants and pressure over surrounding structures ,Skin contour irregularities ,Skin discoloration and swelling ,alteration in Skin sensitivity, haematoma, Pain which may persist ,Possibility of revision surgery
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